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FLA Roll Up Burn Kit

Available in: Red

*Appearing only as a small rolled tube, the First To Arrive Burn Kit is an incredibly helpful tool in organization and instant visual identification of a great array of sterile packaged medical supplies for treating burn victims. Seven clear compartments hold gauze rolls, cold packs, water gel packs and other commercially packaged burn supplies. When needed, the First To Arrive Burn Kit instantly rips open via the Velcro seal and displays an incredible array of products for immediate treatment to the injured.

*Dimensions: 5"D x 13"W Rolled, 30"L x 27"W Opened

*(1) Trauma Shear
(2) Insulated Cold Packs
(4) 2" Sterile Roll Gauze
(1) 2" x 6" Burn Dressing
(1) 4" x 4" Burn Dressing
(1) 4" x 16" Burn Dressing
(1) 8" x 18" Burn Dressing
(2) Sterile Latex Gloves (pair)
(1) 1" Transpore Tape
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