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FTA Roll Up First Aid Kit

Available in: Navy

The First To Arrive Kit is another marvel of simple organization. Its small rolled size opens to reveal 15 clear pockets for instant visual recognition of gauze rolls and pads, bandages and gloves, cold and heat packs, wire splints, antibiotics, microshields, and a whole lot more. Two water-resistant nylon flaps keep individually packaged items clean and ready for use. Unrolled, the First To Arrive first aid kit also provides a dirt-free work surface for sterile supplies. A well stocked easily portable and immensely useful item.

*Dimensions: 6"D x 13"W Rolled, 36"L x 27"W Opened

*(1) Emergency Blanket
(1) Eye Wash
(1) 2" Sterile Roll Gauze
(25) 3/4" Bandaids
(2) Sterile 6" Tongue Depressors
(1) Rolled Wire Splint
(10) Antiseptic Towelettes
(10) Alcohol Prep Pads
(10) Providone Iodine Prep Pads
(1) Triangular Bandage
(1) CPR Microshield
(10) 4" x 4" Sterile Gauze Pads
(1) Penlight
(1) 5" x 9" Sterile Pads
(1) Trauma Shear
(1) Splinter Forceps
(2) Burn Free Gel
(1)0 Fabric Knuckle Bandaids
(5) Extra Large Bandaids
(1) 1" Roll Tape
(1) 3" Roll Tape
(1) 4.5" x 5" Cold Pack
(5) 2" x 2" Sterile Gauze Pad
(10) Bite/Sting Relief Swabs
(3) Latex Gloves (3 pair)
(5) 3 in 1 Antibiotic Cream
(2) 2pk Non-Aspirin
(5) Non-adherent Dressing
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